Evil eye protection collars

The necklace is a complement or chain that surrounds the neck and is used as an ornament by women, and sometimes men. The necklace has a very interesting history. The truth is that it has a very remote existence, related even to other accessories such as the ring or bracelet.

Information has been found on ancient burials of the Paleolithic era. It has been considered as an ornament exactly or exclusively for women, but they must also be worn by some village men since its inception.

In the Middle Ages they continued to be used, where they began to join chains that made several turns around the neck. Some others adding medals or gold coins that hung from the chain.

Today they are known as charms, their evolution for the modern era began since the 16th and 17th centuries. Thus giving new forms of production thanks to technology. One of those that we can highlight are the thick ball necklaces that are normally hollow, that are filigree or openwork, more than anything being known as feminine ornaments.

The relevance that necklaces have had throughout the history of our society is interesting to highlight, as we have seen the cultures of the old era were already beginning to use, and over time it has established itself as a garment that apart Making our body more attractive on multiple occasions has been related and familiar with cultures that go beyond the natural, and focus on mystical protections or supernatural things.

One that has had great impact on our entire society and has great credibility is the evil eye necklace or Turkish eye necklace, originally this symbol started thanks to various events that occurred just 500 years ago. This necklace has the capacity according to the believers of this culture, to protect us from the bad vibes that many people are constantly spreading around us consciously or unconsciously.

This is because it can affect our life in general if we do not carry this amulet of protection, jealousy and the envy of others cause bad vibrations for what we have and what we plan to do. These types of amulets were created thanks to the fact that in the past there was a belief that certain people had a birth ability that was to do evil through their eyes, which implies that they are the doors to the soul. And that this was normally done by people who were categorized as “Strong Look.” In some places like Mexico in the beginning it was said that it was caused by witches who through their eyes did evil to the people they hated and to society in general.

Therefore, in the beginning it was healed and protected by home remedies, later it was announced to a large part of society. Where in Turkey they took the famous symbol of the Turkish eye to be able to protect all the people who put it on themselves, or left it somewhere that is special to them, we can for example highlight, their own house, their car or your work office.

There are several models of this amulet, all of them for sale on the Internet and in absolutely every country in the world. Here we can introduce you to the two most common and “strongest” spoken by the people who believe in this popular culture or belief.

turkish evil eye

Necklace with hand of Fatima: This necklace is perhaps one of the most interesting that we can talk to you about; It has great meaning and strength that supports it. Her story is about a woman who was deceived, when she realized she committed suicide. And then this necklace went on sale in many places.

This has been one of the amulets that are most believed to protect against the evil eye and bad vibes, many say that putting your hand in different positions as rotated up or down have different meanings. Something very interesting, but many people support that their main objective is to protect you from the evil that people spread through their sight or their personal vibes that do not want you not to be well because of the envy or greed they have within themselves.

evil eye necklace

Turkish eye necklace or evil eye necklace: This we can say is the most popular of all and the best of this belief. Thanks to this necklace many people have considered themselves more confident, and it is used in many places around the world. Sometimes without knowing its real meaning, which is the protection against the evil eye and the evil of society. 

This necklace sometimes comes with a pendant of different colors, it has a very deep meaning and when it changes its model it normally changes its concept or its characteristic of protection, but never moving away from the evil eye or the protection against the bad vibes scattered by people.